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Top Three Ways to Work Without Motivation

Top Three Ways to Work Without Motivation You ever feel like you don’t want to be at work? Of course you do! There are times when I don’t want to write these god tier blog posts, record podcasts, shoot YouTube videos, stream on Twitch, all while going to work five days a week. Most of… Keep Reading


Podcast Equipment for Beginners

Podcast Equipment for Beginners   Podcasts come in varying qualities. I’ve heard shows that sound like they could be on the radio down to shows that I could barely understand. Hardware plays an important part of every podcast – for obvious reasons – but it isn’t the end all be all to a show. With… Keep Reading


Top 4 Podcasting Mistakes Beginners Need to Avoid

This post is going to hit really close to home. I feel like I really missed a big opportunity with my first podcast, Real Nerd Hours. I was coming off of a super-hot appearance on another podcast and we had just launched our show. Normally, this is the time to strike. You have the content… Keep Reading


Top 8 Podcasting Tips for Beginners

When I was kid, my mom would drop my sister and me off at school and every time the same thing was on the radio: The Jeff and Jer Showgram. It was a fun and engaging morning talk show. I loved it. I loved it some much that being a radio personality became something that… Keep Reading

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