I interviewed Landon Donovan

It’s been an uncharacteristic year for weather in San Diego. June gloom, something that has barely existed in my memory, was front and center at 7:45 am when I spoke to soccer legend Landon Donovan. We sat across from each other at local US Women’s National team supporter’s bar O’Brien’s — the very American pub sitting dead center of an area known for its Asian cuisines.

Seated on stiff backed chairs in an atmosphere smelling of last night’s beer and stale cigarettes, Landon and I spoke briefly about what he hopes to accomplish in his role. He’s started as Executive Vice President of Soccer Operations with the United Soccer League Championship’s newest, yet-to-be-named franchise here in San Diego.

Founded in 2010, the United Soccer League Championship, serves as the second division to Major League Soccer, the United States’ premier professional soccer league for men. San Diego joins Chicago and Oakland in becoming the latest additions to the USLC’s growing list of teams

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