Project 001: The Smoke Show: A BBQ Podcast Part One!


The Smoke Show: A BBQ Podcast Part One!

Here it is! It’s finally here. I’m sorry it took so long. It was definitely a major failing on my part. Without further ado, part one of The Smoke Show Project!

Pre-production is easily the toughest part of the show. This is where all the heavy lifting is done aside from planning out each show. The pre-pro here will hopefully act as a template for your process when you decide to pursue your show!

Tech Specs!!

We’ll start here, this is some basic information that helps with keeping your branding in mind. The length is just a reminder of how long to go, there really isn’t any other reason. The title and tagline are used to concisely express what the show is about without visual aids. The font, colors, cover style, and tone are reminders for any designers making additional art for your show outside of your current cover art. This helps to keep the branding consistent. Also, keep in mind for the colors, it’s best to put the hex codes rather than the names of the colors as I’ve done below (#000000 = black). I’ve put the names down there to communicate the names of the colors rather than leave you scratching your head as to what they were. Also, it helps designers know the EXACT color to target for your work.

Length: 22-25 minutes, without ads
Sample Rate: 44100 Hz
Bit Depth: 16 Bit
Export Settings: MP3, 112 kbps, CBR
Title: The Smoke Show: A BBQ Podcast!
Tagline: The hottest BBQ podcast on the internet!!

Font: Chunk Five, Arial
Colors: Maroon, Red, Gold, Black
Cover Style: Box
Tone: Fun, macho, informational


The tone is just a short reminder on how to treat the show while we’re on it. This is incredibly important if you don’t know which way you want to go with your show and you have a tendency to ramble about things and become increasingly serious as time goes on. It’s fine if that happens, but just not during your show because… you know… that’s not what your show is about! This is something that plagues me from time to time.

The tone of the show with be comedic and educational. Some may call it edutainment, my favorite portmanteau!


This part isn’t too crazy. This is just basic information about the host and co-host. A little background about you and why you’re going the podcast.

I have 5 years’ experience in barbecue. I was a pitmaster at my fathers’ small restaurant. Don’t worry; I still am! Every day I go to work with a big smile on my face. I wondered how I could improve my craft. After some thought, I found that teaching was a great way to reaffirm my skillset. Not only would it force me to think about why I choose to do things the way I do, but it would give me the opportunity to have the ideas challenged by a community.


The vision serves as the about section of your show. It’s helps because you can just take it a plug it in on your website for your show! The can also serve as the information you send to any potential guests you want to have on the show as a succinct summary of your show. This is incredibly useful! Don’t skip this part!

We love barbecue! Barbecue has had such a tremendous effect on our lives. Every holiday our family would barbecue at least one dish. I’ve continued this tradition with my family. It means more to me than just cooked meats. It means more than tasty meals. It means home. It means family. It means joy.  We hope that with this show, we can share our love of the art with people!

Our show will be a one stop shop for learning about and how to barbecue. Do you know the difference between Texas and Kansas barbecue? Well, how about North Carolina and Memphis? I bet you can’t tell me how Argentinian and Caribbean barbecue compare. That’s right! Barbecue is worldwide!!!

We hope to teach people about the vast world of barbecue as well as the best techniques to get the best out of their grills. Don’t worry; the history of barbecue will be covered too! We’ll also be interview big names in the barbecue game to bring some of the best insights in the game to the barbecue world!

With this show, I hope to build a strong community of barbecue enthusiasts and professionals alike. I hope that my experience with the craft will help people learn to enjoy it, or at the very least, entertain them.

We love barbecue and after a few episodes, you will too!

Cover Art!!

This is easily the most interesting part, thanks for waiting for this portion!!!

As you saw in the thumbnail of this post, here is the cover art for the show! I designed it myself using a combination of free elements from This is one of the steps I recommend deferring to a party that knows more about graphic design. As much as I like the cover art, I think some one else could convey a stronger message with a bit less effort. I’ve included a video in hyper-speed of me designing the cover.

There were a lot of directions that I considered going in for the logo, but I think this one came together really well. A lot better than what I was expecting, to be honest. The point of this was to concisely convey what the show is about when someone looks at it.

The title is present, in the event that someone isn’t familiar with American BBQ. It also includes a grill, spatula, and grill fork to add a visual representation of BBQ. This helps to make it a little more interesting when someone looks at it. The background is made up of food, tools, and bottles to add even more interesting visuals to the cover art. The art does exactly what it needs to: it shows exactly what the show is about in an interesting way!

The only step here that is mandatory is the cover art and you don’t even have to do that yourself! It’s cheaper and a lot of fun if you can, but by no means is it necessary. The ‘vision’ portion is also pretty important because it’s a multi-use part of your show. You write it and it can be applied for so many things! Those two have unlimited upside!

‘Tone’ and ‘Tech Specs’ certainly have their uses, too! The latter serves as a technical guide to help anyone who may or may not come in to record an episode or design specs for someone creating art for you! ‘Tone’ is a reminder to keep on track for the show!

Don’t feel like you need to do any of these steps to be successful (except cover art, of course). Do it how you want!

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